The Jeder Institute is a ground-breaking, dynamic organisation with extensive experience in creating collective action throughout Australia, UK, Indonesia, New Zealand, USA and Canada specialising in:

  • Building individual and community resilience (pre and post disaster)
  • Facilitating community conversations and events
  • Supporting family capacity building (people with a disability, their families and carers)
  • Engaging and connecting communities (e.g. young people, refugees, elderly)
  • Co-developing change management frameworks with organisations and institutions
  • Identifying individual and community assets and strengths (e.g. mapping, recording)



The Jeder Institute aims to create positive change for individuals and communities around the world by bringing people together to realise their full potential, build on their existing networks and community strengths and to empower individual’s choice and control.


The Jeder Institute’s Theory of Change:

If we bring people together through a strengths focused approach, creating positive action and generating collective thinking, we can increase their confidence in social change, and individuals and communities can embrace connected and inclusive lives.



The Jeder Institute provides strengths-focused workshops, training and facilitation to support individuals, families, communities and organisations to identify and build on their existing strengths through the following methodologies:


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