At the Jeder Institute our suite of workshops and events are underpinned by a range of strengths-focused, inclusive approaches.

The Jeder Institute partners with organisations who wish to create authentic social change through increased community engagement and participation. Our aim is to engage, inspire and activate not just provide you a report that sits on the shelf.

Our approach will provide your organisation or community with the following benefits:

  • skills and tools to support a connected community
  • community members who are empowered by strengthened relationships
  • an understanding of how social innovation and entrepreneurship can be the catalyst for economic and community development
  • a range of social impact projects
  • a shift in organisational and community mindset to one of positive change and discovery

Maps and Paths


Maps and PATH are planning frameworks designed to help restore dreams and ignite hope by drawing people together to envision, plan and enact constructive futures.

“Don’t just do something…..Sit there!”

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Independent Planning for the NDIS


Building Capacity with people experiencing disability and their families to: • Lead self directive lives • Demonstrate leadership • Build partnerships We Believe: That leadership by individuals experiencing disability and families is integral to the building of inclusive communities, strengthening … Continue reading →

Graphic Recording


  Graphic recording and facilitation involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment.It is a tool for bridging visual thinking and conversation as it helps to illustrate how people connect, contribute, … Continue reading →

Flow Game


“The purpose and intent of the Flow Game is to strengthen and bring flow to your life affirming leadership and actions. Its aim is to strengthen and bring focus and flow into an important area or question in your life; … Continue reading →



DRUMBEAT workshops can enhance your next team building and development day as it engages  people quickly through music, provides a sense of connectedness with self and others and is physical, non-competitive and fun!! Throughout the sessions, individuals become a stronger … Continue reading →

Person Centred Approaches


Delivers a training experience for participants that shifts mindsets towards a strengths focused approach.  Learning that searching for the gifts, strengths and passions of people, existing and extending relationships, linking into welcoming communities serves to build satisfying lives.  Through reflecting … Continue reading →