Below is a range workshops and gatherings offered by the Jeder Institute that are available on request. If you would like more information, please send an email to or call the host of the workshop or gathering directly.


What does quality support look like? Person Centred Active Support
Duration – 2 days
Strengthening of Mind and Will to making decisions Supported Decision Making
Duration: 1 day
Building the Bridge from Participant to Valued Citizen? Building Sustainable Inclusive Community around a vulnerable person
Mapping:Person’s Gifts & Strengths
Local Community
Building the Bridge to Community
Leading by stepping back Duration: 2 days – one week apart
Creative ways to Self-Manage your NDIS plan Human Resources, rosters, budgeting and managing teams
Duration: 1 day
Building Positive Relationships Relationship boundaries
Duration: 1 day
Understanding your Emotions Helping families and participants to identify and understand emotions.
Duration: 4 hrs (half day) Families
4 weeks x 2hrs (PWD)
Sexuality, Sex and Knowing your Body How to have a healthy/safe relationship with others and support to have conversations about Sex and your body.
Duration: 4 hrs (half day) Families
4 weeks x 2 hrs (participants)
The Art of Participatory Community Building
Australian National Tour
The Art of Participatory Community Building blends a range of strengths-based methodologies to create powerful community building action!
Duration: 3 days
Big Convo’s – Community Inclusion Head, Heart, Hands, Feet
Mapping Community
Top 100 Partners
Community Conversations
Outcomes towards:
Inclusion & Social Enterprise
Duration: 4 days over a period as outlined below1 day (Hosting Team Planning Day)
1 day (Partners Planning Day)
1 day (Community Conversation)
1 day (Follow Up)
Unconferences Discover new ways of thinking! The Unconference is a unique and transformative gathering, bringing together like-minded people around large scale conversations that matter!
Duration: 3 days
Nurture through Nature – A guide for Mental Health Recovery using Nature Based Principles Nature’s Map – Patterns, Cycles and Flows that move in our lives. A day, a month, the moon, the seasons and personality types.
Meet regularly to review the map, participate creative expression, circle practice to discuss outcomes of the map.
Duration: 1 day workshop to learn the Map + ongoing weekly 3 hour sessions
Working with Disturbances Trauma informed Practice using a recovery model to work with Disturbances that cause harm to self and others hosted by Anela Bradd & Chontelle Jannese
Duration: 2 day workshop
Meaningful Reporting Therapeutic reports – Meaningful and useful
Duration: 1 day