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How do you feel when you have choice, power, control and a real connection to those around you? It’s when we understand this we work better with people and make more meaningful connections.

Join Sheldon Schwitek & Shelley Nessman of In the Company of Others, USA & Canada for a provocative & powerful conversation exploring what a good life looks like and what it might mean for you.

“This is a peace movement – it’s all about love” Shelley Nessman


Sheldon Schwitek has been
supporting individuals with
complex behavioural needs in the
United States and in Canada for
almost 3 decades. He is a
facilitator of the person-centered
processes of MAPS, PATH and
Circles of Support through Inclusion Press and for almost 10 years, worked closely with pioneer, Judith Snow. The Center for Positive Living Supports focuses on the importance of relationships and creating Cultures of Gentleness. Sheldon brings broad experience in helping organizations and teams provide the best individualized supports to those who are the most broken hearted. He believes that with intentional support, anyone can thrive in community.

img2Shelley Nessman’s passion is
supporting people to discover,
nurture and share their gifts, skills,
and abilities.  Her experience as a
facilitator and planner has helped
her understand that when a person
and their network combine their
dreams with a plan for action –
anything is possible! Two
experiences changed the way Shelley views “the work”. The 1st was to be trained by Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forrest as a PATH facilitator and the 2nd is the privilege of sharing her home with people who experience disability.  Life sharing is a deep personal learning experience for Shelley and deeply listening to someone and supporting them to identify and express their gift changes us all.



Anyone who is touched by the NDIS and is passionate about a truly inclusive society!

  • People with a disability
  • Their families and friends
  • Carers and supporters
  • Services, organisations and government departments



A Big Convo is an Unconference-style, participant-driven conversation where delegates actively contribute to the agenda through dynamic discussions.

There is no single speaker although, there will be ‘Key Agitators’ supporting and facilitating the conversations.



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