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Learning with Cormac Russell:

From my perspective, I think that most worryingly within services, the fixation on the bottom line can prevent us from appreciating the value of human experience. Making decisions based on cost-cutting in people’s lives may prevent us from acknowledging the part of human experience that is fundamentally more important to them: control.

I believe Co-Production, leads to different shared activity which in turn helps new understanding emerge. Where policy and legislation are bureaucratic, here the focus is on the process and the different outcomes that bring about a change in belief. People working together contribute jointly, may be viewed less as a means to an end, but a community with capacity to share. A process-orientated approach, therefore suggests that ‘to do anything collectively really well, especially in a service-based-economy, we need to engage everybody, including those in receipt of services, as whole people and to invite their minds and their hearts as well as their bodies to come to work’13. This view enables all members to contribute to shared vision by enhancing their own knowledge and their own skills.

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