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Through the Lens of Asset-Based  Community Development and Results-Based Accountability™


DanDuncanDan Duncan, Senior Consultant
Results Leadership Group
Faculty Member, Asset-Based Community Development Institute



As more collective impact initiatives are launched around the world, many participants are realizing that effective collective impact will not simply occur through better coordination of services, whether this is done by one organization or even a multitude of organizations. It requires a “sea change” in our thinking, and the development of community-led strategies focused on achieving real change in the lives and communities we serve.
ECIdownloadBased on my experience as a faculty member of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern University and as a long-time United Way professional and consultant, I believe that the framework of action for effective collective impact
incorporates the following four components:

1) A clear, common purpose;
2) Community engagement and coproduction;
3) Relationships and trust; and
4) Results and accountability.

In this paper, I will discuss these four components in detail.

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