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What activates communities ?

Asset maps can be developed around a specific topic or issue.

For example, youth action, social innovation, homelessness, inclusive communities.

Although, if mapping is not linked to action, there may not be movement. So what drives these community assets forward?

Three drivers have been identified;

  • HOPE – helping other possibilities emerge
  • Care – discovering what people care about enough to act
  • Relationships – building and strengthening relationships is key to action


By building relationships, discovering what people truly care about and helping possibilities emerge, community can not only survive, they can thrive!


When we are working with people and communities from a strengths based approach, HOPE reminds us and encourages us to look outside the square to discover new partnerships and opportunities.

A critique of ABCD has been that people have ‘made an asset map’ and it did nothing.

Often times they have not taken the next step to linking and mobilizing and therefore, they have made a directory.


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