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(this information is from the NDIA support coordinator guidelines)

supportcoord1The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) defines coordination of supports as – Assistance to strengthen participant’s abilities to coordinate and implement supports and participate more fully in the community.

It can include:

  • Initial assistance with linking participants with the right providers to meet their needs,
  • Assistance to source providers,
  • Coordinating a range of supports both funded and mainstream and building on informal supports,
  • Resolving points of crisis,
  • Parenting training and developing participant resilience in their own network and community.


The primary role of a funded coordinator of supports is to:

  • Support implementation of all supports in the plan, including informal, mainstream and community as well as funded supports
  • Strengthen and enhance the participant’s abilities to coordinate supports and participate in the community
  • Ensure mainstream services meet their obligations (i.e. housing, education, justice, health)
  • Build the capacity of the participant to achieve greater independence to self-direct services and supports in the longer term
  • Provide the NDIA with reports on outcomes and success indicators within the agreed reporting frequency


A funded coordinator of supports is not:

  • Paid advocacy
  • Paternalistic
  • Rosters and administration
  • Individuals support


Other things we (Jeder Institute) think the Supports Coordinator can do:

  • Help understand the NDIA plan, processes and implementation
  • Co-developing a Lifestyle plan and regular reviews of the implementation
  • Co-develop systems and processes to self-manage the plan & funding
  • Co-develop a circle of support with the person and family
  • Build capacity so that people and families are doing all of the above independently
  • Build capacity for inclusion and self-direction
  • Support people and families to create meaningful lives and citizenship


Funding for Support Coordination is provided by the NDIS, in addition to the other supports in your plan. Your independent planner will support you to add this into the pre-plan.



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