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person-centred-thinkingThe Jeder Institute is a ground-breaking, dynamic organisation who brings people together to realise their full potential and build on their existing networks and community strengths!  We believe that everyone has abilities and everyone has something to contribute to their communities because there is no one we don’t need!

Jeder Institute is a not-for-profit organisation, established as a pathway for all people to develop networks, enhance skills, practice leadership and further build both personal & community capacity. Our unique approach is based on the principles of strengths focused practice and incorporates frameworks and philosophies, such as Person Centred Approaches, Asset Based Community Driven (ABCD), Appreciative Inquiry, Circle Work and Participatory Leadership practices.

Jeder Institute provides; individual, community and organizational tailored support, personal development, skill enhancement, coaching, mentoring, leadership and consultancy opportunities that encourage linking, formally and informally, with peer-networks of individuals, families, communities and professionals across Australia and internationally.

Our commitment is to provide a diverse range of services and programs, which are directly relevant to the individuals, families, professionals, communities and organisations, which seek to empower themselves, and others, regarding choice, control and inclusion.


Person Centred Thinking Skills:

 For people being supported by services it is not person-centred planning that matters as much as the pervasive presence of person-centred thinking.

If people who use services are to have positive control over their lives, if they are to have self directed lives within their own communities then those who are around the person, especially those who do the day to day work, need to have person-centred thinking skills. Only a small percentage of people need to know how to write good person-centred plans, but everyone involved needs to have good skills in person-centred thinking; in the value based skills that underlie the planning. There are a number of reasons for this. Teaching and supporting the use of person-centred thinking skills will mean that:

    • It is more likely that plans will be used and acted on, that the lives of people who use services will improve.
    • You will have a number of ways to get plans started.
    • Updating the plans will occur naturally, needing less effort and time.


Using person-centred thinking tools allows participants to:

      • Separate what is important to someone from what is important for them.
      • Discover what is working and not working in a situation from different perspectives.
      • Record how someone communicates through using a communication chart.
      • Identify what are core responsibilities and where you can use creativity and judgment.
      • Mindfully record learning by using learning logs and 4 plus 1 questions.



Length of course:                                             Cost:

2 days                                                                   $1500 per day for 1 facilitator = $3000 + Workbooks @ $40 per person



Michaela Kennedy:

Michaela’s extensive experience in the disability sector and passion for all people to be valued citizens makes her a committed and highly regarded director of the Jeder team.  She is dedicated to sharing her experiences (professionally and personally), supporting people to lead inclusive self-directed lives and to developing partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

Michaela has worked at all levels within organisations, leading the cultural change processes to embed personalisation and community inclusion.  Beginning in 2006, Michaela lead the implementation of Person Centred Practices at a large non-government service provider.  Establishing and leading a team of 6 Person Centred facilitators, she was the principal advisor to the senior leadership team and instrumental in the development of a strategic commitment to becoming a Person Centred Organisation; the first organisation to do so in NSW.

She is a skilled practitioner, trainer, coach and mentor of Person Centred Approaches including Thinking frameworks, Maps, Paths, Lifestyle Planning and independent planning.  Michaela facilitates Art of Hosting – Participatory Leadership training, Team building and Network building opportunities. She has worked in the disability sector in NSW (Australia) for over 20 years and has presented at numerous State and National Conferences.

Michaela has strong networks nationally and internationally in the areas of Person Centred Practices, Asset Based Community Development and Participatory Leadership.  Michaela has led the establishment of the Australian Learning Community, and is an active member of The (International) Learning Community for Person Centred Practices, The Unconference and In-Control Australia.  She leads and contributes to the organisation of national and state conferences and events that champion inclusion and person centredness.  The membership of these groups includes people with disabilities, families, international leaders, advocates, government, service providers and community members that share the same values and principles.


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