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One Page Profiles:

Are a great way to capture important information about a person that can be shared with those who provide support and want to get to know the person, especially those that don’t know them well.  Developed together, as much as is possible, One Page Profiles share what others like and admire, what’s important to the person and what others need to know and do to support them.  They are useful for new people in a person’s life when there is not a lot of time and when the most crucial information is needing to be share quickly.

One Page Profiles can be developed around focus areas for example; General all of Life, While in Hospital, When on Holidays, At Home, Out in the Community to name a few.

Sometimes Profiles can extend to more than one page however it is advisable to make sure they do not exceed more that 2 or 3 pages with pictures and photos.  They need to be able to be read in 5-10 minutes.

Over time One Page Profiles can build more information.  Extending the information by asking who with, what, when, where, how, how long and why questions about each thing that is written will give more clarity to the reader.  It is important to make sure that each thing specifically relates to the person and clear enough that others can’t put their own spin on it.  e.g. Jenny is close to her family (too general) add, every first Sunday of the month and all special occasions, Mum, Dad, her brothers with their wives have lunch together.

One Page Profiles can be used as a starting point for Person Centred Planning, bi-annual reviews and preparing for the NDIS.  Decorate them with nice photos, favorite colours and emphasised words to ensure they present a positive picture of the person.


Please feel free to download and use one of our Free templates below of use your imagination and create your own.

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