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3 Day workshop

Person Centred Lifestyle Planning is a way to discover and describe:

  • What a good life is like for a person
  • Who are the important people in a person’s life
  • A person’s gifts and strengths
  • What is important to a person everyday
  • How a person communicates and makes decisions
  • What others need to know and do so that a person stays healthy and safe on their own terms
  • The goals & actions required towards getting the described desired future


A person centred lifestyle plan is a document that is developed and shared with the person’s circle of support and used as a living document to support the person to have the life they choose. good plans reflect the perceptions of the person and those who know and care about them.

Learning how people want to live is just the beginning, the foundation. Helping people have their own lives requires changing:

  • How we think
  • How we are organized; and


This workshop is beneficial for people that work with people, e.g. children, youth, disability, ageing and families, supporters, key workers, case managers, managers, leaders.

This workshop will cover these topics:


  • What makes a good life?
  • Circles of support and strengthening relationships
  • Identifying people’s gifts and strengths
  • Developing a vision for the future
  • Understanding Communication and Decision Making
  • What’s important to a person and describing what is needed to stay healthy and safe
  • What’s working and not working in the person’s life right now
  • Developing goals and an action plan that leads to a positive future

Facilitator: Michaela Kennedy
Vision Vanguard – Jeder Institute – Person Centred Planning Facilitator and Trainer, experienced at all levels in the disability sector as well as being a leader and develop of family capacity building and self-direction options.





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