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Delivers a training experience for participants that shifts mindsets towards a strengths focused approach.  Learning that searching for the gifts, strengths and passions of people, existing and extending relationships, linking into welcoming communities serves to build satisfying lives.  Through reflecting on one’s own way of being and listening to the perspective of others links supporters to build and grow good lives.  Understanding that everyone has skills and abilities SAM_smdevelops collaborative teams.  Planning towards desirable futures while learning how to support others in a way that makes sense to them and understanding the art of asking powerful questions acts as a vehicle to transform the services provided to people.

This training provides the opportunity for participants to interactively learn new practices and tools, implement them through take-home tasks and embed the culture change required to personalise supports to be ready for the new world with an NDIS.

The content of the workshops will include the following learning outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the definitions of person centred approaches and asset-based community driven (ABCD), both in theory and in practice, and how this relates to organisational and industry cultural change.
  • Understanding and using strengths focused practices
  • Use and promote person centred thinking and planning learning frameworks (tools)
  • Gather information to develop individual lifestyle plans in a person centred way
  • Community organising and discovering hidden assets
  • Practical steps to engage community assets
  • Involvement of Community in the lives of people with disability – includes Community asset mapping, community engagement and linking
  • Ability to design good quality questions
  • Development of Person Centred Profiles
  • Using facilitation techniques across a range of contexts e.g. small & large groups
  • Employ methods of reflective practice in daily work life


Length of the course:

4-day training that is delivered over 2 months i.e. 2 days per month.

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