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This workbook that will take you through a series of ideas and questions to think about, through which you will develop a Person Centred Lifestyle Plan for yourself or your son / daughter with a disability.

This workbook is accompanied by a Planning template, into which you can transfer the information gathered during the course of working through the workbook.

The plan can then be used how you wish e.g. to inform others about the person and how to best support them, to organise supports, to share with service providers or funders or all of the above.

Please feel free to contact our Support Coordinators if you require any further assistance.

The following are links to the individual components of the workbook and editable planning template that you can download as required.

P2O Workbook cover
P2O Workbook Day 1
P2O Workbook Day 2
P2O Workbook Day 3
P2O Workbook Day 4
P2O Workbook Day 5
P2O Workbook Day 6

The complete archive link below contains all of the above individual documents in a simple easy to download zip file.


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