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Michelle is a writer and neurodiversity rights advocate, with a background in education and psychology.

Michelle is founder and director of NeuroDiveristy Connect, a community organisation working across Australia where neurodivergent people and their families seek support, community and inclusion.

Michelle is a co-convenor of Autistic Family Collective, a community of families advocating together for acceptance, support and inclusion for Autistic children in Australia. This work has taken her overseas to meet with the United Nations to advocate for the human rights, safety and inclusion of Autistic students in Australian schools.

Michelle’s roles in online advocacy include being part of the moderation team of the Facebook community “Parenting Autistic Children with Love and Acceptance”, and being a contributor to the “Respectfully Collected” group blogging project. She has been involved in mentoring and supporting parents of Autistic children, creating safe spaces online for Autistic people and their families to offer group based peer support to each other, and offering private peer support to Autistic people and their families.

Michelle’s own website offers a collection of written and infographic resources that are used internationally. Michelle writes on a variety of topics, including neurodiversity and neurodivergence, identity, autism, bipolar, depression, self care, human rights, injustice, inclusion, acceptance, homeschooling, parenting, advocacy, and occasionally chickens and gardening. Her first book “The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children”, a collection of essays by Autistic authors, was published by Autonomous Press in 2015.

Michelle lives with her husband and their 6 children in the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia. As part of a neurodivergent and neurodiverse family, Michelle has 20 years experience parenting children with extra support needs.

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