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Jeder Collective

email – michelle@jeder.com.au

phone – 0400 578 662

Role – Asset Based Community-led Development & Art of Hosting practitioner supporting Next Stage Organisations & Communities

Michelle Dunscombe is an enthusiastic community development practitioner, facilitator and trainer. She is skilled and passionate about strengthening regional and rural communities, developing community leadership capacity, building community resilience and supporting community members to take action.

Michelle is a Fairley Fellow (’13), a co-facilitator of the ABCD Asia Pacific Network, and a member of the International Association for Community Development (IACD) with a wealth of experience working with communities and community organisations. Michelle utilises participatory leadership practices to support community led initiatives including facilitation of community and kitchen table conversations.

Michelle has extensive experience with a range of community engagement processes and projects across Australia and internationally working with government departments, non government agencies and communities.


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