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My Name is Megan Carberry, I live in the beautiful bush village of Nundle, with my partner Warren.

We own and run the Mount Misery Gold Mine, Cafe – Museum – Accommodation.

I have two adult daughter’s Emily (28) & Nicole (26), Nicole is the mother of my beautiful grand children Jake (3) & Lucy (11 days), who I just can’t get enough of.

Emily has a moderate intellectual disability, with my help we self manage her support funding, and I am passionate about her quality of life and her future. I am also a knitting nut, I will knit anywhere anytime, so be warned.

I have recently had the great opportunity to work with Jeder Institute as a co-facilitator for their capacity building workshops and enjoyed every minute of it. Meeting other parents who are in the same or similar situations and sharing how we support the lives of our people has been a massive light bulb moment for me. I truly believe that we can make our people’s lives better and that we are on the wave of change that is going to see inclusion for our person a reality and acceptance in Community that they will enjoy for their whole lives. I look forward to working with families and people with disabilities to strive towards their independence and a better quality of life; it’s what we all want!

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