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Maree is a vibrant and empathic Independent Person Centred Planner and Facilitator who is passionate about supporting and working with people with disability and their families, empowering them in their unique journey towards self-direction and the creation of enriched, meaningful, and inclusive lives.

Maree has more than 20 years of experience, professionally and personally working within the disability advocacy sector which enables her to draw on and share her extensive life experiences, insights and knowledge.  She has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge as an Individual Advocate for people with disability, during Senior Management roles within the sector, as a Board Member, a Citizen Advocate and a mother of a young man living with disability.

Maree has always come from a strengths based, person centred approach and knows that there have been many challenges faced by people in realising their full potential and in gaining and maintaining control and direction of their own lives.  She has a unique way of connecting with people through her heart felt listening skills and authentic presence.

Maree welcomes the opportunities that are currently available to people through social and policy changes and recognises that families and people with disability are the driving force and leaders of this change towards a more socially just, enriched and inclusive society.

She currently enjoys working with families and people with disability empowering them in preparing, planning for and implement the NDIS funding, identifying supports, building relationships, community connections that will realise and maintain their own unique identity as an active and valued community member and citizen.

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