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The Course:

Maps and PATH are planning frameworks designed to help restore dreams and ignite hope by drawing people together to envision, plan and enact constructive futures.

“Don’t just do something…..Sit there!”

Maps tells a person’s story so we can remember who they are. Their gifts are named to help achieve dreams and to avoid nightmares. Maps supports strengthening relationships and contributions through focused action steps.

“Don’t just sit there….. Do something!”

PATH sets out a person’s dreams, frames a positive and possible future and charts a detailed plan of action towards that future.

There will be opportunities for in-depth conversations on the framework and thinking underneath the new materials. This will strengthen facilitators in their work. We will explore facilitation practice and values.

We hope many of you will join us in our exploration of this updated, new & deeper learning so that we can benefit from our collective wisdom as we move forward. We are trying to keep the group small, with a proposed limit of 30 people.

MapsandPaths-img3Issues to be explored:
• Underlying Values
• Community building
• PATH and MAPS practice and
• Skill building to get stronger

This three-day course is offered using the new book on PATH & MAPS as a primary resource. We will use the new course book, content and questions, to support each of us to belong and contribute as community members, as well as strengthen our facilitation practice.

Maps & Path – The new book
Think upgrade, version 2.0, incorporating new learning into a frame that continues to be a powerful learning approach for individuals, families and organizations. The new format
is complemented by new questions with a focus on community contribution – important updates within the well-proven frame.

The content is gleaned and distilled from the accumulated wisdom of many of our collective experiences – constantly evolving by refining and updating core principles that remain unaltered and true.MapsandPaths-FI

This new course and book are for those who have been using PATH and MAPS and similar planning processes for days, months or even decades. We also welcome new practitioners who want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Course Guides:
Michaela Kennedy
Director – Jeder Institute – Person Centred Planning Facilitator and Trainer, experienced at all levels in the disability sector as well as being a leader and develop of family capacity building and self-direction options.

Rhiannon Cochrane
Associate – Jeder Institute – Educator of Values in Practice, Person Centred Thinking and Planning, Maps & Path to individuals, families, support teams and service provider managers.MapsandPaths-img2


I thoroughly enjoyed the training, learnt a great deal about myself, checking what I am currently doing / not doing, a number of realisations about those things that I take for granted. Then realised how vulnerable those we serve can be and therefore the importance of ensuring they stay at the centre of the conversation and they feel the power is with them, not with me as the service provider.

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