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The Development of a Tailored Support Needs Assessment
Tool for UnitingCare Disability’s Flexible Options Program:

Life Visioning and Support Needs Assessment Tool

Purpose and Introduction

Pathways to Leadership and Rachel Dickson Consulting were approached byISLI-download
UnitingCare Disability’s Flexible Options program in April 2013 to develop a tailored support needs assessment tool. It was outlined that the primary function of the tool would be to identify the hours of support needed per week for each individual supported under the ILSI initiative. Accordingly, the allocation of hours would be in line with the Australian Government’s Family and Community Service division’s
model of Drop In Support funding. UnitingCare Disability have found that standardised assessments of support needs are time consuming, with complex questions that don’t allow for flexibility. The main objectives of this project are to develop a support needs assessment tool that is:

1) user friendly,
2) flexible,
3) identifies the number of hours of support each individual requires per week, to
fit in with FACS Drop In Support bands, and
4) links in with the person centred planning process.

The initial step in the tool development is to review the literature on the construct of
support needs and how these are measured. A review of both standardised and non-standardised measures of support needs will follow, concluding with recommendations for the development of an in house assessment tool for Uniting Care Disability.

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