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Leanne Pearman has been involved in the lives of people with disability and their families for more than 27 years, building strong and lasting relationships along the way. These relationships have created in Leanne a deep understanding and commitment to people, citizenship, and the importance of community.

Leanne contributes her experiences of building strong, respectful relationships with people, together with practical, operational, and strategic thinking.
For the last 10 hrs, Leanne has specifically supported people and their families in designing and developing their own individualised supports and services, whilst advocating and creating system changes in the process.

Leanne provides training and professional development with a focus on human rights, citizenship and community.

Leanne has contributed to the research project and report “Toward Responsive Services for All – Understanding the WA Disability Service Sector capacity to meet the needs of people whose behaviour can be challenging”.
Leanne was a co-author of ‘A Review of Best Practice in Individual Needs Planning’. Curtin University and National Disability Services WA. E. Cocks, L. Parsons, M. Williamson (2009)

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