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As an engagement and partnering specialist, I thrive on building the 
capacity of people and organisations to embrace two-way engagement, partner effectively and create shared value.

profilesideSince establishing QBis consultancy in early 2015, I have delivered engagement and partnering services and partnering skills development for government, higher education and community clients including:

  • PRISM: NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Infectious
    Diseases Modelling (a collaboration of five Group of 8 universities)
  • Department of Health and Human Services, Eastern & Southern
    Metropolitan Branch, Victoria
  • ESTEME Partnership: Excellence in Science, Technology,
    Engineering and Mathematics Education
  • Coroner’s Court of Victoria
  • Peer Academy

I love sharing what’s worked for me and what could have been done differently over my 20 years’ experience in engagement, and building and managing partnerships in government, community and higher education on issues such as: mental health, ageing, disability, roadsafety, positive ageing and international development.

My engagement and partnering experience has been recognised by accreditation with the International Association for Public Participation
Australasia (IAP2) and the Partnership Brokers Association.
With a strong academic foundation across corporate social responsibility, international relations and communications, I have held leadership roles in the higher education, government and community sectors.

I brought new partnering and engagement frameworks to the University of Melbourne, providing rigorous structures to develop, manage and review partnerships, engage with the community and build organisational capacity.

I am passionate about people having a say in decisions that affect them and have a strong track record developing policy and strategy based on stakeholder insights, needs and interests.

QBis offers specialist engagement and partnering services

*Facilitation *Partnership scoping, management and review
*Partnering skills *Stakeholder engagement *Community engagement

*0438 013 115 *jacinta@engageqbis.com.au *www.engageqbis.com.au
*PO Box 303, Clifton Hill VIC 3068
ABN 33 233 001 231

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