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independent1Jeder Institute provide a range of capacity building supports to develop skills and knowledge of people with disability and family members who want to have choice and control of the supports and / or funding they receive from the Government.

Jeder Institute believe that all people with disability and family members have the capacity to make decisions about their lives and to manage the funding they receive to enable them to socially and economically participate in their communities. We believe that the best people to make decisions are the people who are directly affected by that decision – they have the greatest interest in making the right decision for themselves or their family member and also the greatest incentive to quickly change it if it is not working.

Independent Planning:

Developing a plan is a part of the requirements to get NDIS funding. The Jeder NDIS pre-planning workbook and accompanying handbook helps you to describe your life right now e.g. where you live, who is in your life and your day to day life. Think about the future you want, look at what current supports you have and what you need to have a good life. The workbook will take you through a series of questions to help you think about your life, future and describe your goals. They can be found at http://jeder.com.au/ndis-pre-planning-workbook/

Through Jeder Institute you are able to engage an Independent planner if you would like further assistance in developing your or your son’s / daughter’s NDIS pre-plan.

Independent planners have no alliance with any service provider or funding body. Participants are free to discuss any situation in a safe and confidential environment. Our planners are trained and experienced in Person Centred Planning and are often family members themselves. They will work with you and your unique set of circumstances to support you to describe your life right now and what it will take to get to your chosen desirable future.

At this stage of the transition to the NDIA, independent planning support is not funded prior to having an NDIS plan and because of this we need to find other ways our planners can be paid. Post NDIS it can be added to the plan and funding.

Here are some options based on $55 per hour: We estimate between 4-10 hours to complete a pre-plan depending on how much work is done before hand.

  1. Pay for it yourself – this will be a one of payment as once you have an NDIS plan, further planning support can be added to your plan
  2. Have it paid for by current funding – if you have current funding you can ask your service provider to pay for it. If you are self managing you do not need permission from the provider
  3. Pro-bono – If you wish to use your planner for support coordination after getting your NDIS plan, we can provide pre-planning at no charge (limited opportunities available).


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