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flow1The Flow Game is a process designed as a board game that creates a space for individual and collective consciousness and intelligence to emerge through reflection, dialogue and interactive learning. It is played in groups of between 4-6 players and is hosted by a flow host, just as suited for groups or teams that wish to explore a collective as well as a personal intention.

The Flow Game is a unique opportunity to give and receive wisdom on questions that are important to us, in a safe, supportive environment. Its purpose is to ground, strengthen and bring clarity and flow to you, your life, leadership and actions.

You will have the chance to explore a question that has meaning to you in your life or work right now, in the Flow Game. A host will support you during the games journey to gaining clarity.

To participate, we ask that you have a clear intention or question to explore. During the game, we’ll jointly reflect and share knowledge related to your question or intention.





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