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Emily Messieh is the Local Woman of the Year 2016 for the Illawarra.

She has previously coordinated a community hub in Northern Illawarra, where she transitioned a Neighbourhood Centre from a needs based program place to an ABCD model. She advocates for what her local community aspires for. Her signature projects include transforming graffiti hot spots into mural hubs, and her “Know Thy Neighbour Exhibition” which tells stories of local people in a photo and story display. Emily has been involved in many other projects, including the coordination of a pop-up restaurant at Lighthouse in Wollongong, championing the ABCD Illawarra Network, coordinating the Illawarra SOUP project (based on Detroit SOUP) and mentoring many emerging community workers in the area.

She is an ABCD Enthusiast. Emily is also coaching leaders throughout Australia in churches in ABCD, and specializes in this area.

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