DRUMBEAT workshops can enhance your next team building and development day as it engages  people quickly through music, provides a sense of connectedness with self and others and is physical, non-competitive and fun!!

Throughout the sessions, individuals become a stronger team and the team becomes a vibrant community.

Workshops run from between 1 and 2 hours for up to 20 people at a time. These sessions can be tailored to meet client’s needs including:

  • An introduction to DRUMBEAT for conferences and events
  • Themed sessions around relationship or communication issues
  • Team building or organisational staff
A Village Music Circle is a group of people having fun creating simple parts on a chorus of tuned drums, percussion and musical instruments. The simple act of playing music together profoundly teaches the skills inherent in becoming a strong and thriving community. (Arthur Hull, Village Music Circles)

group drummingsmThe full Holyoake DRUMBEAT program is an early intervention and relationship building program. The program uses hand drumming  to engage participants in a cooperative group process to explore relationship issues. The program is taught to groups of 8 – 10 participants across ten, one hour sessions over the period of ten weeks and finishes with a performance.

The DRUMBEAT program was developed for people to learn experientially as participants work together to Develop a harmonious sound.

John Martin Teacher at Youth off the streets: Our students have enormous issues around trust and Michaela did so well to gain this trust, promote a positive environment and build confidence through the use of the drums and the DRUMBEAT program. Our performance was a massive success and particular students found solace in using drums as a communicator.



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