The Jeder Institute would like to share the following message with our members, supporters, families, participants and partners.

We know there is a lot of information already circulating about the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and we would like to offer the following 3 key messages in this time of disruption and social media noise:

 Practical Steps in Managing Coronavirus

Suggested Infection & Control Guidelines for Clients 14 March 2020

Jeder’s Corona Virus Workshop Protocols

Practical tips for connecting with your community


  • Understand that individual responses will vary
  • Be supportive and encourage worried people to talk to someone they trust or help them find reputable information
  • Consider how people may feel about daily developments
  • Be mindful of how more susceptible (immunocompromised) people may be affected



  • Stay connected with friends, family and colleagues through technology
  • Use online / digital platforms for meetings or workshops where possible
  • Check on your neighbour’s well-being and needs
  • Language matters; if language is amplified, encourage calm
  • Call out misinformation and only share from reputable sources
  • Be honest, considerate and courteous



  • Follow your local medical guidance regarding hygiene and social practices
  • Call out racism e.g. against the Chinese community
  • Make wise retail choices; support small, local businesses
  • Consider your diary movements and commitments; offer phone or online options where possible
  • Be open about who and where you are visiting for the benefit of others
  • Make mutual, wise decisions about interactions with elderly people, with people with a disability and with those who have an existing compromised health position or underlying health challenge
  • Listen to your clients and if they are asking for extra measures, i.e. to stay away for a period of time.


Leaning into our values of being a human-centred, person-centred, strengths-focused organisation is currently highly relevant for the Jeder Institute. As our mate Jim Diers said, “This crisis calls for clean hands and open hearts” so, let’s look after each other and stay calm, clean and caring!

More information on the current status of the virus can be found at the Australian Department | Department Of Health or call Coronavirus Health Information Line 1800 022 222.