ABCD Immersion Program


The Art of Participatory Community Building 2018

Experience how to blend ABCD with a range of powerful strengths-based approaches to community work and complementary methodologies to create powerful outcomes. Leave with practical tools & skills on how to:

  • Focus on assets and strengths rather than deficiencies
  • Discover ways to blend methodologies
  • Apply strengths-based monitoring and evaluation
  • Build effective partnership strategies
  • Increase confidence in hosting group work
  • Form powerful enquiries and proposals
  • Explore group dynamics and decision-making
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Inclusion Takes Both Person-Centered and Community-Centered Work ABCD’s particular contribution to inclusion comes from its focus on the whole community rather than on individuals. Its goal is to grow the conviction that conviction. Through ABCD organizing. well-connected people build networks … Continue reading →

The Drivers


What activates communities ? Asset maps can be developed around a specific topic or issue. For example, youth action, social innovation, homelessness, inclusive communities. Although, if mapping is not linked to action, there may not be movement. So what drives … Continue reading →

The Four Components of Effective Collective Impact:


By Dan Duncan – Through the Lens of Asset-Based Community Development and Results-Based Accountability™ -As more collective impact initiatives are launched around the world, many participants are realizing that effective collective impact will not simply occur through better coordination of services, whether this is done by one organization or even a multitude of organizations. It requires a “sea change” in our thinking,

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