Anne Davis


My name is Anne and I live in the thriving metropolis of Tamworth, Country Music Capital, NSW. I have some personal experience navigating the Disability sector with children as well as working in and around the sector for many years. … Continue reading →

Emily Messieh


Emily Messieh is the Local Woman of the Year 2016 for the Illawarra. She has previously coordinated a community hub in Northern Illawarra, where she transitioned a Neighbourhood Centre from a needs based program place to an ABCD model. She … Continue reading →

Megan Carberry


I truly believe that we can make our people’s lives better and that we are on the wave of change that is going to see inclusion for our person a reality and acceptance in Community that they will enjoy for their whole lives.

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Peregrin Chiara


Peregrin (Pere) has worked with people with disability, their families and support networks for over 10 years and is passionate about change that gives people control of their own lives.

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Michelle Sutton


Michelle is a co-convenor of Autistic Family Collective, a community of families advocating together for acceptance, support and inclusion for Autistic children in Australia. This work has taken her overseas to meet with the United Nations to advocate for the human rights, safety and inclusion of Autistic students in Australian schools.

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Jason Emmins


For the past 10 years, he has enjoyed working in the disability sector, particularly with people from rural and remote locations, individuals with complex support needs and building productive teams.

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Deb Murell


Deb Murrell is passionate about sharing knowledge and skills with a love of working within communities. She has a wealth of experience supporting people to live full and active lifestyles

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Geoff Evans


I have many years of experience in strengths based approaches to community development in diverse communities and many different issues in Australia and internationally, and in advocacy and campaigning at the interface of ecological sustainability, economic prosperity and social wellbeing and equity.

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Rachel Dickson


Rachel is a Jeder Collective member with a view to providing organisations and individuals with the opportunity to become empowered to manage change, by creating their own solutions. Rachel is a registered psychologist with 12 years experience within the human services … Continue reading →