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Building Capacity with people experiencing disability and their families to:

  • Lead self directive lives

  • Demonstrate leadership

  • Build partnerships

We Believe:

buildingcapacityThat leadership by individuals experiencing disability and families is integral to the building of inclusive communities, strengthening partnerships and to influencing the policies made by government.

Jeder Institute provides opportunities for individuals with a disability and their families to develop networks, enhance their skills, demonstrate leadership and share their knowledge and capacities with others. The uniqueness of Jeder Institute is individual, family and professional leadership and partnerships; individuals and families coming together to explore strength-focused practice in a way that is meaningful and relevant. This way of working is one in which the wider community is reached through the strength of local leaders, who carry the approach forward. Our professional partners are inclusive and co-facilitate the interactive programs and courses.

The Facilitators:

The Facilitators are themselves family members, individuals experiencing disability or industry professionals. They have had extensive experience in:

  • Developing and facilitating person centred plans
  • Developing and participating in recognised models of self-direction,
  • Assisting and mentoring others who desire to plan and develop their skills to become planning facilitators to assist others
  • Self-directing their own or their family members supports


Are passionate about self-direction, know that individuals and families have different skills and when they have the opportunity to share them with others we are all inspired.
Believe when people living with disability, coming together to enhance their learning and plan desirable futures, positive opportunities are created and happen.
Are respected in the field for their professional expertise


Independent Planning support with Person Centred Planning:

Person Centred Lifestyle Planning gives families and individuals a vision of a desirable future and how that can be accomplished, including aligning the plan with an agreed budget

Lifestyle Planning is a way to record the individuals goals and aspirations and who they are as a person; to show others how she/ he wants to be supported; those things that are important to the individual, what matters to them, what absolutely must be there; being Healthy and Safe; who are the ideal supporters? What kind of qualities do they need to have? How the individual wants to be in control of their life, who is there to support decision-making and respect for the individuals wishes.

PATH and MAPS are two approaches that focus on dreaming and developing a positive picture of the future where the person can contribute their unique gifts and strengths within their community, and encourage the development of networks of support. Both approaches use graphic recording, helping participants by using images and pictures to stimulate creativity in a way that words alone cannot.

All approaches are based on the strengths of the individual with a disability, their gifts, capacities and interests and how these can be highlighted to enhance the community’s capacity to welcome people.


Pathways to Opportunity – Planning for the NDIS – Develops the capacity of individuals and their families together with the support of their allies and supporters to plan and implement a desirable future while building an action learning network.   Consisting of interactive processes, facilitated learning, take-home tasks and network building exercises.

The workshops will cover these topics:

  • What makes a good life?
  • Circles of support and strengthening relationships
  • Identifying people’s gifts and strengths
  • Developing a vision for the future
  • Finding and linking in community
  • What’s important to the person and describing what is needed to stay safe
  • What’s working and not working in the person’s life right now
  • Developing an action plan that leads to a positive future
  • What it takes to self-manage/direct supports
  • Planning around funding criteria.


Skill Sets for Self-Direction; are a collection of practical resources & short courses for families who are interested / using self-managing or self-directing models of support. Topics include:

  • Exploring the principals and practical application of self-direction.
  • Record keeping templates that are adapted to each individual.
  • Recruiting and supporting paid staff successfully.
  • Using person centred thinking frameworks for ongoing learning that guides others to best support the person in what is most important to them, while having a balance of health and safety.
  • Team Building to engage and co-ordinate a team of supporters in a common vision
  • Strengthening Community Links and Relationships based on the person’s gifts and contributions
  • Safeguards and Decision Making around an individual, defining who is responsible for what, how the person makes decisions and wants to be supported in decision-making


Action Learning Networks are communities of people living with disability, families and professionals who come together to support each other to self direct, plan desirable futures, enable strategies to support individuals with a disability to have the richness of relationships, community connections, and a personal network of safeguards.


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