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Participatory Leadership and conversations that matter

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting encourages people to discover authentic leadership utilising effective methods of facilitation for groups of all sizes. The practices used are based on conversations that matter and that when looking for leadership and action, people will take ownership and are more likely to forge ahead with it when they have buy-in and passion. The practices used will assist in discovering what people truly care about and demonstrate how passions can become actions!  Some of the processes are practices are:


  • postimageWorld Café
  • Open Space Technology
  • Theory U
  • 8 Breaths
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • 4 Fold Practice
  • Divergent/Convergent Design
  • Design for Wiser Action
  • Circle Work


These practices highlight how to discover new ways of working with others to create innovative and authentic solutions! People will learn practical group facilitation techniques and discover how a sense of fun and openness is necessary to encourage people to feel confident and safe enough to step up and have a go!

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