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My name is Anne and I live in the thriving metropolis of Tamworth, Country Music Capital, NSW.

I have some personal experience navigating the Disability sector with children as well as working in and around the sector for many years.

I live with my husband of 34 years and two adult sons. The newest addition to our household this year has been a tiny ray of sunshine called Sophia. It has been quite an adjustment living with a little person AND embracing all the changes in the work arena.

I have had the pleasure of working with the JEDER Institute over the past few years, and feeling like families finally have an independent voice. We fought for changes in the disability sector for so many years and now we have that. With the NDIS a new era for people and families living with disability to finally have the opportunity to live their best life! Although not perfect yet I look forward to being a positive part of this next step/evolution in supporting people.

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